1. Laser 3.14 x Denham Hong Kong


    We just received these awesome photos from Gallery favourite Laser 3.14 and his recent collaboration with Denham x Lane Crawford over in Hong Kong. Great to see a coming together of a fashion store we regularly frequent in Amsterdam and an artist we admire. Looks amazing.

  2. N E V I S


    For those following our charity project ‘Grandad‘ raising money for Alzheimer’s Society we recently tackled Ben Nevis in our program leading to Kilimanjaro in January. Due to incredibly severe weather we were forced to abandon the final push for the summit… however not before Ben took some photos.

  3. A Fish Tale – An Animation Project

    11 Stormie Mills the simple goodbye lowres

    For ordinary folk going through their pile up of emails on any particular morning does little to inspire. However, in the art game there are always glimmers of magic and when you receive something from Stormie Mills you know it’s going to be good. Never one to shy from taking the next step Stormie has [...]

  4. Fín. EELUS x 44

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    The finished article after a week with EELUS on the boundaries of the Toffee Factory firmly in the gateway to the Ouseburn here in Newcastle. Excited to be releasing a special ’44′ edition to accompany this wall. More info coming soon. EELUS x 44 Photos: JW

  5. EELUS x 44

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    Pleased to welcome none other than EELUS to the Unit44 treehouse. A long time friend of the gallery this is the first time we’ve been able to peel him away from his incredibly busy schedule in favour of adventure North Of The Wall. We hit the ground running through the night with an early start [...]

  6. Old Man Of The Sea


    Referencing an early post regarding Jack Lowe and his Lifeboat Station Project I return with my part of the story. I now feel truly involved in not just the project but the history of the RNLI. Before conversing with Jack over this project I was completely naive with regards to the institution, it’s volunteers, it’s [...]

  7. HUSH Studio Visit


    Newcastle may be underestimated as a city of worth, well, within the street art context anyway, however to underestimate our city would leave you to overlook some incredible talent currently making waves in a big way. I say this not blowing our own trumpet as an artist platform, nor am I talking about the likes [...]

  8. Espress Yourself by Ashley Willerton


    Very proud to say that it’s signed, sealed, and if is to your liking it will be delivered. To celebrate our recent collaboration with Ashley at Lola Jeans Newcastle and our mutual love for coffee we announce the details regarding the ‘Espress Yourself‘ print release. Following a final check over and signing under the notorious [...]

  9. Beauty In The Basement


    Been a pleasure orchestrating this installation for the lovely folk at Lola Jeans. Sometimes 44Creative and the Gallery cross paths and we’re able to activate beautiful original artworks bridging the gap between artist and client. Ashley is a true talent indulging in the ways of old with incredible affect. Paul and the team at Lolas [...]