1. Introducing Bruce Reid

    As we celebrate seven years as Unit44 we look to showcase some of the people behind the scenes. Nothing short of our most far reaching artist, his work dons the walls of our buyers all over the world, although often unrecognised, if he’s doing his job well you’ll never notice him, however he has the touch to make your most prized investments truly sing. People come and go, spaces change, projects here, installations there. The one true constant is Bruce.

    Nestled deep within the belly of Hoults Yard in Newcastle, reminiscent of a different time, you’ll find our framer and friend Bruce Reid. He’s always been there for us, saving the day more times than I care to count. More of an unsung hero, as he often ops to work though the night to deliver for 44. With his record collection, and often over flowing supply of sweet things, anything is possible. However you’ll never see his name at our shows, when we deliver an artwork, or celebrate an artist. A true figure in the background.

    Deep framed, float mounted, museum quality glass, window mounted, stretched canvas he’s done it all for us here at 44. From MSA to the Saint, Into the Dark, and every artist we’ve ever celebrated, they’ve always looked their best thanks to Bruce. It’s no surprise that he boasts such a loyal customer base of artists and art buyer alike. So just a nod of appreciation from us, keep up the amazing work, it’s always massively appreciated, and here’s to many more years.

    Photographed by Ben Hughes

    Reid Framing, Hoults Estate, Walker Road, Newcastle, NE6 1AB

    T. 0191 224 3422

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