1. The Saint – Works

    Again we thank all those who made it down to our two day exhibition at St Nicholas’ Cathedral. See below for a selection of images along with a closer look at the work and how to make any purchases / enquires.

    Starting off with the naive and feature piece in the show.

    LXone – piece info here.

    Candice Tripp created this beautiful canvas for us along with displaying a number of her ‘Sally’ creations. Find them all here.

    Adele Renault ‘Eagle Eye’ and ‘Pokerface’. Find them here.

    We featured a number of Prefab originals, variations, and prints. Find them all here.

    Including these incredible laser cut discs.

    Tom French situated pride and place with a rainbow of light provided from the 14th century stain glass windows. A truly stunning piece, see it along with details shots here.

    The show also allowed us to pull some gems from the personal collection for example this magnificent Paul Insect & Sickboy collaboration along with a very special Eelus mini.

    Ashley Willerton created this stunning piece for the show. Showcasing a steady hand, traditional methods, and a love of the old school. This was one of the pieces that looked like it truly belonged in the space. Creating a different result depending on it’s environment the piece mirrored the splendor of the Cathedral. See it here.

    A highlight of the show was this incredible HUSH original which was complimented beautifully by the space. Find it here.

    Will Barras returned to work with us presenting this beautiful diptych. ‘He’s A Saint’ *Sold.

    Teresa Duck was found in the Chapel complimenting the space perfectly with her ‘Lawn Flamingo’. See it here.

    JW presented a new body of work inspired by the space itself. Taking over the Crypt all pieces were sold over the weekend with a ’44edition’ scheduled for release on Friday 3rd June.

    As always feel free to enquire by emailing Danny@Unit-44.com.


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