1. A Fish Tale – An Animation Project

    For ordinary folk going through their pile up of emails on any particular morning does little to inspire. However, in the art game there are always glimmers of magic and when you receive something from Stormie Mills you know it’s going to be good. Never one to shy from taking the next step Stormie has set out, with the help of an international community, to create ‘A Fish Tale’ with film maker Mark Strong. A story about losing friends and making new ones has widespread relevance and appeal transcending language barriers and culture divides.

    Inspired by a painting back in 2008 titled ‘I miss my friend, I want him back‘, a painting that inspired me personally to tattoo one of Stormie’s fish onto my arm, it also led to a meeting with Mark where the next steps in this project would be walked. Over seven years in the making the pairing our now in a position to take flights of fantasy and turn them into visual reality.

    Personally I can tell you that there is no greater feeling than being involved in something that binds you to an artist or an artwork, cementing a bridge with a memory or experience. However this goes beyond that in uniting so many like minded people in coming together to actually fund the project. Before the 13th May Stormie needs to raise the required funds to get ‘A Fish Tale’ the animation off the ground. With a host of pledge options the project is completely inclusive, from a $10 donation all the way up to a $8,000 investment.

    This is a completely bespoke opportunity to be part of the very fabric in which the project is weaved. We have all stood firmly behind Stormie and his aspirations to animate his creations with Mark, we employ you to do the same. Find all information here: KICK.


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