1. Old Man Of The Sea

    Referencing an early post regarding Jack Lowe and his Lifeboat Station Project I return with my part of the story. I now feel truly involved in not just the project but the history of the RNLI. Before conversing with Jack over this project I was completely naive with regards to the institution, it’s volunteers, it’s self funded status, and the legacy it passes down from one generation to another. That is completely understandable as I have no family connection and have never needed to be rescued. However that doesn’t keep me from their watchful gaze, be it on a surfboard or whilst I swim. I couldn’t help but feel extremely ungrateful, as I have never thanked them, never turned to them as I leave the water and delivered a look of respect, nothing. That is exactly what they deserve. In buying a print i’m now part of a project that celebrates this often silent group of unsung heroes. In a way this is my thanks. The first of many.

    Thank you Jack. Be a part of the story by clicking here.

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