1. The Lifeboat Station Project

    I always look forward to my catch-ups with Jack, ever since meeting him on Hoults Yard we’ve always found common ground on the arts, photography, and a mutual love for adventure. When he told me he was working on something big I knew this needed to be a face to face. He wasn’t kidding, and in true Lord Lowe style he’s championing an idea from conception to reality in all it’s perceived glory & more. So much so that he now counts the BBC, ITV, and Instagram in his supporters. The project which will see Jack visit all 237 active RNLI Lifeboat Stations and capture the station itself, the crew, and a portrait of each Coxswain or Senior helm. It doesn’t stop there, I use the word ‘capture’ in all it’s original meaning, favouring a victorian process known as Wet Plate Collodion more commonly used in the 1800’s. This is documentation as an art form, immortalising moments in status upon the glass. With photography becoming more and more throw away, with a cutting edge digital camera at everyones figure tips, this method brings with it a real sense of legitimacy and purpose.

    Anyone who knows Jack will tell you that the RNLI is close to his heart, having raised over £6,000 for the charity by completing the Great North Run in 2012, 2013, & 2014. You may not know that his membership goes back into his childhood. So in this project Jack is pulling in an enormous amount of personal energy, emotion, and passion. Combining his family history, his art, and his lust for adventure. The end result is enormous, not only will the body of work depict our entire coastline, it will embody those who keep us safe, those who look out to the waves with watchful eyes, our silent protectors.

    I forget to mention that Jack, although considered, had made the choice to self fund this project in it’s entirety. Therefore it is built on individual sales and contributions from those who the project strikes a chord with. After a 45 minute or so chat I felt the importance of this project to him, and how he couldn’t allow it to be pulled in directions unfavourable simply for money. He wanted to spend real time with the individual lifeboat communities and in doing so understanding the people upon the glass. I was sold, I had to be a part of it opting for a print from the project site. A beautiful tribute to the original photograph titled ‘Old Man Of The Sea’. Pictured below.

    To learn more about this amazing project visit it’s dedicated site here, also by Instagram, and twitter.

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