1. First 24 Hours | Road To Unknown

    Planned for months we always envisaged driving across Europe to the festival, however over the last few days leading up to departure the nerves were definitely beginning to settle in. Nevertheless a few songs through the playlist down the road and it was sheer excitement. Scheduled stops to collect the team, Kid Acne himself, and a visit to Montana Nottingham for materials and we were on our way. The first stretch to Dover was accompanied by some of the nicest weather I’ve seen which did the British countryside some huge favours (It must of known it was in for competition over the forthcoming days.).

    First things first. M&S the shining light of any road trip no serious team would dare think about leaving without Percy. We were set. Fast forward 12 hours and we’re installing our first wheat paste with Ackers in rural France. No sign of a decent bakery though. The search continues as we go forth leaving breadcrumbs to follow home. Switzerland is in view. Will check in tonight.

    Photos by Jonny Wilson

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