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    Having spent five minutes with Nosego it’s clear to see he lives and breathes the characters he creates and the work he produces. It’s a beautiful thing when an artist is in so deep with their own creations. Now I know we’re in a privileged position as we can hear the motivations and inspirations behind the artwork and this is something I was hoping to share after breakfast.

    A friend of mine had asked me to describe the work, as if to someone who was unable to see it. This question interested me massively. Nosego and I discussed in depth over breakfast. He described the totem composition of a number of his paintings, comprised of multiple layers, each distinguishable, separate however contributing to the over all form of the character. He referred to peoples experiences, lessons, and memories good or bad that make up who we are. He then went on to describe the somewhat ‘random’ composition of style, character, and look of the artworks. The result in this made absolute sense. He described the childhood toy box filled with all kinds of gems, figures, characters, animals, action heroes, vehicles etc. He then described that back then there was no constant ‘style’ in which you would arrange and play with your toys – this being the ‘marvelous clash’.

    Nosego is huge on inner spirit and this is reflected in the ‘jarred’ creatures and creations. He referred to a quote ‘pet puppies and move mountains’, the inner beast that can be unearthed when pressured. I loved this element of the pieces as this had never occurred to me. That people carry around this inner strength.

    I love the use of creatures and animals within the work with their own hidden attributes and often strength. The poisonous frog, the bear, the turtle breaking out through the glass. An incredible balance between the fun & the serious. My love for this body of work only continues to grow as I learn more.

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