1. Wizard Kings

    IMG_8235 copy

    Last month gave us yet another opportunity to work with one of our favourite artists. SheOne was at hand for a private warehouse commission. JW on hand for photos along with Sally capturing footage. More content for the Unit44 story…

  2. Venice Re-Visit


    Events transpired that we ended up with a sneaky day in Venice today. No agenda just a brisk walk around the city and a day time capture of the previous weeks exploits.

  3. Croatia


    With the stage set at the ‘Fire & Brimstone’ area it gave us a little time to enjoy the rest of the site and get a little more painting done.

  4. Rovinj


    After two days installing at the festival site it was back to some street work in the local town Rovinj. A beautiful traditional cobbled spot by the water the interweaving side streets and cut throughs were perfect for some late night activity. All the breadcrumbs now in place for the festival site opening tomorrow. The [...]



    As we arrived in the middle of the night it was only the next morning we could really appreciate this part of the world we had found our self upon. Hugging the coast the festival site combines 80′s throwback holiday making with crystal clear waters and an array of areas that have been broken up [...]

  6. Venice


    The road to Croatia took us close enough to Venice to justify a stop for food and some more paste ups. We arrived at 11pm and were still met by bustling squares and restaurants, thankfully some quiet corners also.

  7. Planet Earth

    AYE 2

    All inspiring day. After a quick snap around last nights antics it was back on the road towards Milano. Across Switzerland, through mountains, and along some incredible sights. Never seen water so blue, mountains so green, or skies so beautiful. It was back to reality through Italian customs and we’re amazed never to have been [...]

  8. Zürich


    Day two was all about the stint to Switzerland. Passing through some incredible French scenery we took the mountain route and hit rush hour Zürich. A beautiful place, we were welcomed by unreal scenes of beautiful sunshine and locals in the river that cuts through the heart of the city. A pristine place juxtaposed with graffiti [...]

  9. First 24 Hours | Road To Unknown

    YEP 4

    Planned for months we always envisaged driving across Europe to the festival, however over the last few days leading up to departure the nerves were definitely beginning to settle in. Nevertheless a few songs through the playlist down the road and it was sheer excitement. Scheduled stops to collect the team, Kid Acne himself, and [...]

  10. Stormie Mills x Richmond Mural Project

    'All my heroes are broken'

    Spotted this over the airwaves and had to hit up Stormie for some more images. We’ve always been huge fans of his street work and he’s definitely been busy.