1. Coming Home… The Serene

    Darrens solo project with us here was born from a number of resons. Firstly after being introduced by fellow Australian Stormie Mills when working with him on his curated project in Perth. Secondly a love for Darrens work. Finally an element to the story as important as any other – the fact that Darren already has a story here. Darrens Gran was born here in Newcastle in 1919 before later moving to Australia with her brothers and sisters. On her birth certificate it reads 808 Walker Rd, which is a stone throw from our gallery – 0.8 miles to be exact. So Darren will travel over 10,000 miles to us for the first time only to be shy of a mile away from where his Gran grew up.

    We’re honoured to put some pieces of the puzzle together for Darren and give him something truly special to take home.

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