1. PREFAB77 x UNIT44 at Newcastle venue theCUT


    Amongst everything else that has been going on here of late we were recently re-commissioned to install at Newcastle music venue theCUT with PREFAB77.

  2. Darren Henderson The Opening


    Such an amazing opening night. The gallery looked completely different and Darren’s Owls really popped off the wall. People followed the Owl map created and really got into the individuality of the pieces. Was yet another humbling experience for us all here at Unit44. Darren is a completely new artist to our buyers and it’s [...]

  3. The Day Before Tomorrow: Darren Henderson


    We currently stand with all the work on the gallery wall ready for additional light and sound to be installed for tomorrow nights exhibition. It’s been an amazing week with the Australian artist & now the excitement is really beginging to set in. The show opens tomorrow night at 6.30pm. All welcome to take advantage [...]

  4. Darren Henderson on the hang


    Darren is in the space and on the Hang. We’re really looking forward to the Australian artists first show here in the UK at our Newcastle Gallery.

  5. Passports Please


    Only one way to get into the UK. With an up to date passport.

  6. Owls Up North


    With Darren Henderson arriving in a not so sunny Newcastle this afternoon we thought we’d share what we’ve been up to with his owls whilst he’s not been around. A tour of the countryside we thought was fitting. Another outstanding photoset from David.

  7. Darren Henderson in the studio


    David has been unpacking the various works sent by Darren and put together a few teaser shots. Just over a week to go now.

  8. Coming Home… The Serene

    050159:St. Nicholas Street Newcastle upon Tyne Unknown taken c.1

    Darrens solo project with us here was born from a number of resons. Firstly after being introduced by fellow Australian Stormie Mills when working with him on his curated project in Perth. Secondly a love for Darrens work. Finally an element to the story as important as any other – the fact that Darren already [...]

  9. Tom French Breaksof10 Studio Visit


    Breaksof10 paid Tom French a visit in his studio a day before we release his work. Check it out here.