1. ‘One Year On’ by David Bilbrough

    We’re never shy to shout about our content. Having David on the team means we always have the best photos throughout our projects and shows. This was no acception. In fact I think he’s even surpassed our expectations as he’s captured so much throughout the build up right the way through until we prepared to open the doors. They need little explantion. They are amazing. Hats off Daivd.

    Show/Party invite. Huge thanks to SheOne for the content.

    Darren Henderson & Stormie Mills side by side. One of the best things to come from our trip to Australia this year.

    Late addition to the collection – Faile ‘Bunny Girl’ 2003.

    A huge thank you to Eelus – we’ve had an amazing year with this artist.

    We’ve been looking to work with Prefab77 throughout 2011 – They are a busy collective. Expect much more in 2012.

    Look but don’t touch. Thanks Hush for a great year.


    We commissioned these from SheOne – He seems to produce these with such ease. Inspired by ‘smoking Skills’ and ‘Party til you die’.

    ‘Zulu Drug Raid’


    6 hours prior – Light & Sound – Thank Reid Ingram & the team.

    Thanks to Vedett – they didn’t last long. 10,000 were distributed world wide.

    and we were ready. Everything hung, everything in place. One of the best moments we’ve ever experienced. Thanks again to all our artists, patrons of the gallery, and lifelong friends made.

    Ready and illuminated.


    You can find the event photos on our facebook page – thanks to Steven at 4130 studios.

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