1. ‘One Year On’ by David Bilbrough


    We’re never shy to shout about our content. Having David on the team means we always have the best photos throughout our projects and shows. This was no acception. In fact I think he’s even surpassed our expectations as he’s captured so much throughout the build up right the way through until we prepared to [...]

  2. Hush Available Works


    Now avaialable on enquiry only HUSH cocoon AP and limited edition box sets. Danny@unit-44.com

  3. Merry Christmas


    Thanks to Jon Burgerman we have a completely original Christmas Card for all our customers & friends.  

  4. Bedtime in Brooklyn


    We’ve loved this series of prints from the off and when the forth (Brooklyn) became available we were quick to get one for the set. The colours on this one set it apart from the other three for me and it’s quickly become my favourite – helps that it’s from my favourite place in the [...]

  5. Rough & Ready: One Year On


    With the ‘One Year On’ show looming we were keen to invite brother in arms Remi Rough back up north to leave his signature abstract shapes as a stark contrast to our original sandstone Gallery walls. We’re not releasing pictures of the wall until after the show however here’s a few behind the scenes snaps [...]

  6. One Year On… Unit44


    It’s our birthday – we’re having a party! Event details here.

  7. HUSH ‘Masked’


    We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on some of these. With the demand and hype around this special HUSH release we’re happy to announce we have a special number for our customers. Enquire danny@Unit-44.com. Title: UN-Masked 3x Small Hand Finished Prints (approx. 230mm x 175mm) 9 Colours, Hand finished with Acrylic paint, spray [...]

  8. Eelus – Our Collection


    Eelus has been there since the begining of Unit44 – We’ve kept a piece back from a few of releases over the last few years & dug them out for a closer look this week.              

  9. In Shep We Trust


    On the site now.            

  10. Sucker for the details: HUSH 09′


    As we take down the Laser 3.14 show we are taking the opportunity to get a closer look at some of our collection before it hits the wall. HUSH circa 09″ all available here.